Our Top Five Italian Dishes (and Prosecco)


It’s no secret that Italian food is a favourite amongst many across the globe. The reason for this probably varies depending on who you ask, but what we can almost be sure of is what these answers would be. However, before going into these, it’s important to know what sort of drink you’ll be pairing it with!


Ever wondered why Prosecco takes the cake each time in Italy? Here’s why: In order for Prosecco to be classified as Prosecco, it needs to have been made in Italy, and should include a minimum of 85% of the Glera grape varietal. Having met all of these requirements, Valdo is not only Prosecco, but Italy’s favourite Prosecco! So grab a glass of Valdo from your local Lupa, and pair it with one (or all) of our top 5 Italian dishes below:


There are those that would choose something other than pizza, but we’re convinced that much of the world would, at some point, choose it over an alternative. This is probably because the toppings are so versatile, and then, because flatbread topped with all kinds of goodness just wasn’t enough, it gets topped with cheese – the game changer.

At Lupa, we take our pizza very seriously. Our pizza is wood-fired for a delicious crisp base, and then generously topped with stringy mozzarella. There is even talk about us having the best in town… book your table today to verify this talk!


There is not an inch of doubt that pasta wouldn’t make this list of top 5 Italian dishes. In fact, if you happened to do a google search and looked for the world’s top food dish, you would find that pasta has won this title. We’re talking gnocchi, Bolognese, lasagne, penne, you name it…  all of which we do exceptionally well. We make all our pasta in-house, from scratch, because we believe that proper Italian food should be made with a lot of love and care.


Yet another Italian classic, and sure to hit the sweet spot with all vegetarians, the Melanzane al Parmigiano is a classic Italian dish made by layering aubergine, mozzarella, Parmesan & Lupa Napoli sauce. It’s a special dish for sure, and perfect for those summer days.


Not just your average bowl of rice, risotto is extraordinary for two reasons (and probably others). Firstly, it’s a short-grained arborio rice only grown in Italy and secondly, it has a unique cooking technique which welcomes the addition of wine ever so well.

Our Pollo Ciao Italian dish, a wood-roasted, deboned baby chicken on a chardonnay risotto with roasted vegetables, is the reason why risotto makes it to our list of the top 5 Italian dishes.


Last, but not least, our classic Porchetta is on this list for obvious reasons. Our wood-roasted pork belly (served on crushed potatoes & wilted spinach, with apple chutney & red wine sauce) begins its journey to your plate two days before we serve it, and lives up to every expectation you had of this Italian delicacy.

While we are sure you could add to this list, we are confident on our findings. However, our menu has an array of other authentically Italian dishes you could try to prove us wrong!

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