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It’s no secret that an Italian dinner is one best enjoyed slowly, with nowhere to be. As with most things Italian though, there will always be an extra element of surprise to make the most of the occasion, even if that occasion is simply celebrating a Friday, the arrival of the weekend.  

We would recommend lifting your spirits to this surprise when sitting down for your next Italian dinner – the favourite aperitif or digestif.  

Here’s a bit of background: the aperitif is enjoyed before the meal, and is meant ‘to open’ the palate, preparing it for the flavour profiles that will be enjoyed during dinner. The digestif, served after the meal, is enjoyed not only for its own flavourful explosion, but for its benefits that aid in digestion.  

So, you see, an Italian dinner is not meant to be enjoyed in a rush, and enjoying one of the many liqueurs on offer at your local Lupa during this time is not a guilty pleasure at all, it is, in fact, almost a necessity.  

Here are some of our latest favourites available at your local Lupa: 

Grappa Veneta 

Enjoyed as either an aperitif or digestif.

 A tradition of the Veneto region, this quality Grappa has been recognised for centuries. Negroni produces this Grappa Veneta with the same passion as always, with a process that combines the continuous distillation into small copper stills. It has the soft tastes and all the captivating traditional scents that a fine Grappa displays. 

Disaronno Liqueur 

Enjoyed as either an aperitif or digestif.

Enjoying Disaronno Liqueur means you’ll be tasting over five centuries of history. The world’s favourite Almond flavoured Italian liqueur takes you on a journey of multi-sensory discovery, with its velvety smooth taste and unique aroma.  

Lift you spirits at your next Italian dinner, with your local Lupa and some of the world’s finest! 

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