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A Traditional Italian Restaurant with a Flair for Flavour

Good Taste
Never Goes Out Of Style

Bringing you the best of authentic Roman dining, Lupa Osteria promises you an exceptional combination of food and wine, old school professional service and elegant, modern styled dining rooms.

Lupa is a space for those seeking the authentic and simple flavours of Italy. We use only the freshest ingredients, selected with the greatest care to give you consistently mouth-watering meals. If your dish is not bursting with wonderfully balanced flavour, then it’s not a genuine Italian meal!

Modern Italian Dining Meets Authentic, Home-Styled Cooking

We pride ourselves in staying true to our roots and in keeping traditional Roman cuisine alive. Our recipes are made from scratch, in the true spirit of home-styled cooking.

You can expect wholesome, seasonal pizzas, pastas, seafood and secondi, seasoned with distinctly Italian flavours.


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Lift your spirits at Lupa

It’s no secret that an Italian dinner is one best enjoyed slowly, with nowhere to be. As with most things Italian though, there will always

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La Mia Famiglia

There’s an old Italian saying, ‘Chi si volta, e chi si gira, sempre a casa va finire’, which means that no matter where you go or turn, you’ll always end up at home. We want your dining experience to feel like you’re at home, in an atmosphere where you’re relaxed and comfortable and enjoy home-made meals that are full of heart. Lupa has attracted a loyal following among devoted locals, many of whom have become our friends.

Visit Your Rome Away from Home

Would you like to pay our traditional Italian restaurant a visit? Select a Lupa Osteria near you and make a booking. 

For nearly a decade, Lupa has intoxicated and excited patrons and we invite anyone to join us. Whether you reserve a table for an important business meeting, a romantic dinner, to celebrate a special event with friends and family or to eat alone, you’ll always be warmly welcomed by our friendly waiters, managers or restaurant owners themselves.

Our staff have been trained to be fully attentive to your needs. Whatever your dining requirements, it is never too much trouble for us!

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