The secrets to an Italian Lunch

Italian Lunch

We have fancy feasted and celebrated with family over the last few weeks, now it’s time to get into the swing of things and prepare ourselves for a great 2022. The first thing we know for sure at Lupa, are the secrets to an Italian lunch, the second thing we know for sure is that a good lunch guarantees a good day. So, why not prepare for 2022 with good days? We’re about to let you in on some of our secrets… 

The ingredients used… 

We consider one of the secrets to be the authentic ingredients with which your meals are made. Our ingredients are both locally sourced (from high-quality suppliers) and imported. We believe that sourcing fresh, wholesome, and quality ingredients makes all the difference.   

We only use imported Italian flour, local organic free–range chickens, & the finest veal we can source – all of which add to an authentic Italian lunch and are necessary to ensure a good day. 

It’s about the love and care… 

The second secret is probably not a secret at all – it’s all about the hands that prepare your food. Italian food, the real Italian food, is made using our traditional recipes with a lot of love and care. From our pasta and tasty sauces to our wood-fired pizza bases and monthly specials, everything is made from scratch by our talented chefs. 

The environment plays a part… 

The third top secret secret to ensure your lunch hits the spot, is making sure the environment in which you settle down to eat it in is one that takes you to Rome, without you having to leave your seat! Your local Lupa is a neighbourhood Osteria where you feel absolutely at home enjoying a casual, affordable Italian lunch. Your pick of pizza or pasta, throw in a carafe of house wine (because, why not?), sit back, and watch the day get better.  

It is also about the company you keep… 

The last secret to a lunch that leaves you with a good day is the company that you keep, from co-workers and clients to family and friends, a good lunch is guaranteed to be elevated when shared with the right people. 

Lupa’s Italian lunches 

Ask at your local Lupa about this month’s Blackboard and lunch specials. Alternatively, you can join us on Porchetta Sundays, enjoy our wood-roasted pork belly served on crushed potatoes & wilted spinach, with apple chutney & red wine sauce. Or, if pizza and beer is more your thing, join us for Pizza and Bira, where you choose any pizza and enjoy a glass of wine or beer on us.  


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