We Strive to be one of the top italian restaurants


If you’re looking to dine at one of the top Italian restaurants in South Africa, then Lupa is the place to be. Lupa is the immortal Roman wolf goddess who trains Roman demigods in the ways of their city. Over seven-foot-tall & with beautiful chocolate red fur, she is reputed to have eyes as silver as the mist. Remus & Romulus were the twin sons of Mars & Rhea Silvia, who were thrown into the great Tiber river at the command of their evil great-uncle Amulius. They were saved by the great she-wolf who nurtured & raised them as her own young. Having grown strong under her guidance, the twins destroyed Amulius & established the city of Rome. 

Lupa is a neighbourhood Osteria where one feels comfortable enjoying a casual affordable family dinner of pizza & pasta with a carafe of house wine or dining on shellfish, fresh fish & veal with corporate clients.  

authentic italian cuisine, served with style


our bar

The experience at Lupa is not limited to modern Italian food indulgences. With a warm and energetic vibe, our inviting bar is a great place for pre or post dinner cocktails or a pizza & a craft beer

Our unique selection of wines and spirits ranges from the best-known brands to the quirky gems, offering something for everyone to discover.

our processes

Proper Italian food is made with a lot of love and care. We go to great lengths to ensure we provide authentic Italian cuisine. From our pasta and sauces to our pizza bases, everything is made from scratch by our talented chefs. 

our pizza

An authentic Roman dining experience is incomplete without a wood-fired pizza with a crisp base and a generous topping of stringy mozzarella. Rumour has it that we have some of the best pizza in town! 

our ingredients

Our ingredients are both locally sourced (from high-quality suppliers) and imported. Sourcing fresh, wholesome and quality ingredients are central to Italian cooking, and make all the difference.  

We only use imported Italian flour, local organic freerange chickens & the finest veal we can source – all of which add to the authentic Italian experience.