Celebrating the history of Italian pizza

Italian Pizza

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As with most things, the ‘facts’ of history will likely vary depending on who you ask (all history, even the history of Italian pizza). But one thing we know for sure – we owe it to all involved. Turns out, pizza was the result of an evolution of sorts. Perhaps even a revolution. Regardless, it’s a history we’re thankful for, and we think celebrations are in order.  

Let’s talk a quick history  

Rumour has it, our beloved Italian pizza started off in the East. The Egyptians, the builders of pyramids, painters of pictograms, and ultimately the yielders of yeast, started what was really the pizza predecessor. 

And so, the story started to roll out. 

A leavened, cereal type dough became a kneaded, milled wheat flour flatbread, which ultimately became the Italian pizza which Lupa Osteria is well acquainted with. It’s specific because the Italians really did take this evolution seriously. It was in the dawn of the 17th century that pizza started to enter this revolutionary evolution.  

It’s probably 400 years later, and pizza has claimed the title best food multiple times across the globe (even here at Lupa – this year we’ve taken the best sit-down pizzeria in Johannesburg, and for this, we tip our flour brimmed hats to the ancient Egyptians, the romantic Romans, and the soulful South Africans of today who voted us the best – thank you to all!).  

A season of celebration 

Since we find ourselves in this season of celebration, one that gives even more reason to come together as family and friends, we’re saying salute to the Italian pizza, and we can’t help but remind you about the Pizza & Birra special at Lupa. We also think it’s worth mentioning that the Festive Menus available at Lupa this December would be worthy of hieroglyphics, so it would be wise to consider celebrating with these, too. 

The Nacho Libre pizza, Lupa Osteria 

There’s something special about our authentic Italian pizza. Perhaps it’s the wood-fired, crispy base with a generous topping of stringy mozzarella, or it’s the variety – from the age-old Margherita to the Massimo Calzone and Cajun Chicken. Either way, we’ve come a long way since our leavened ancestor. Join us in making even more history! 

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