Why Lupa Westville is Among the Top Italian Restaurants in Durban

Italian restaurants in Durban

Image: Lupa Westville

When it comes to top Italian restaurants in Durban, there seems to be some stiff competition. Durbanites love good Italian cuisine, and who doesn’t? Pizza and pasta are the ultimate comfort foods! If you’ve searched the city high and low for your favourite Italian place, then chances are that you already know about Lupa Osteria, Westville. However, if you don’t, we’re here to enlighten you! The Lupa marketing team caught up with owner, Leon Roux. Here’s some insight into life at Lupa.

Image: Lupa Westville

Lupa marketing team: What do you think customers love most about your specific Lupa restaurant?

Leon: We’re your typical neighbourhood restaurant where friends love to meet and socialise.  Our basement wine cellar is unique and part of the historic monument that is over 150 years old and used as a space for special occasions or business meetings.  Our upmarket Martini Bar offers a wide range of cocktails, wine, and craft beers, and is utilised for corporate functions and events.

Lupa marketing team: How would you describe the vibe at Westville Lupa restaurant?

Leon: An exceptional combination of food and wine with an authentic Italian experience.

Image: Lupa Westville

Lupa marketing team: What is your favourite meal, drink, and dessert on the menu?

Leon: Peroni pale lager, spaghetti bolognaise and vanilla panna cotta.

Lupa marketing team: How long has your branch been running for?

Leon: Lupa Westville is in its 8th year of trading and was the first franchise established in August 2014.

Lupa marketing team: What is an average day at Lupa like?

Leon: Planning, leading, controlling, and now we have had to learn to adapt with the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Image: Lupa Westville

Lupa marketing team: What makes Westville Lupa one of the top Italian restaurants in Durban?

Leon: Our friendly, front of house staff who are always willing to go the extra mile and consistency in good flavoured, authentic Italian food at good value-for-money prices.

Lupa marketing team: What do you love most about your job?

Leon: The interaction with my staff and my patrons alike.

Lupa marketing team: Why should people be supporting restaurants during the pandemic?

Leon: To help maintain their survival, which is at the heart of our community.

Lupa marketing team: What has changed during the pandemic and how has this impacted you?

Leon: The impact of the pandemic has been devastating to the food industry, so restaurants have had to think out the box and restructure their business with online marketing and social media platforms. The introduction of delivery and takeout meals has been an addition to our current offering, but competition has been fierce, and margins squeezed.

We all know just how many restaurants have been impacted by the global pandemic, but it has been heart-warming to see the loyalty and commitment from countless customers who continued to support their favourite restaurants during varying levels of the nationwide lockdown. Lupa Westville is happy to be serving alcohol again and have extended their hours under the new lockdown level 3 restrictions. If you’re looking for a top Italian restaurant in Durban, look no further than Lupa Osteria Westville. And if you’re not In Durban, not to worry – Lupa has 14 restaurants across South Africa, so locate your nearest one here and experience authentic Italian cuisine and world class service.


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  1. Sandy 0'Donoghue

    One of the best if not the best restaurant in Westville. Great delicious food offered and well priced …Squisito! . Staff friendly lots of smiles with good service offered. I personally love the ambience and feel of Lupa Westville. A great place to gather with friends or family a home from home.

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