Italian Carbonara Cheese Wheel Pasta: The Golden Dish That Gets All the Glory

Cheese Wheel Pasta

Heard about our special cheese wheel pasta, but can’t remember the name of it when searching our menu? You’ll find it under our pasta section, named Fettuccine Carbonara. Carbonara is an Italian pasta dish which originates in Rome and is traditionally made with egg, hard cheese, cured pork, and black pepper. Although it differs from restaurant to restaurant, the essence of this dish embraces true Italian cooking – simple, flavourful, and created using only the freshest ingredients of the highest possible quality.

A good carbonara is a matter of art and balance: free range eggs, good pecorino (or parmigiano), and superior quality pancetta (or bacon). So, what do carbonara critics look for in the perfect dish? The egg should embrace the pasta without getting sticky and making it dry, but it should never be runny and raw either. It can be difficult to get right, but one Italian restaurant that is famous for this dish is none other than Lupa Osteria.

Image: Lupa

For Italians, food is more than just a means of filling your belly, it is an experience that should be enjoyed with friends and family, and an important part of the meal is watching the preparation. That’s why at Lupa, you can watch your Fettucine Carbonara being prepared by the chef at your table side. This dish is one of the things they are famous for. Prepared using bacon and delicious and delicate truffle mushrooms and served at your table side from a Parmesan wheel – this is an experience that their guests come from far and wide to enjoy.

Image: Lupa

This delightful dish was removed from the Lupa menu when the restaurant updated and refreshed the menu, which caused a somewhat public outcry. The people wanted their carbonara! So, due to popular demand, the chefs at Lupa agreed to add it back when they updated their new menu. (And the Italian pasta gods sighed.)

To experience this heaven-sent pasta, book a table at your local Lupa. All their restaurants, nationwide (except for Suncoast), are open for dine-in and takeaway, and they have strict Covid protocol measures in place to keep you and their staff safe during while you dine.

Image: Lupa

Have you tried our Carbonara cheese wheel pasta, and if so, what did you think of it? Does it live up to its name of being the golden dish that gets all the glory? We would love to hear from you in the comments section below. Ciao.


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  1. I went last Friday and had the carbonara. It was heaven, exactly how s described above. If you like truffle and cheese I highly recommend! 5 stars!
    Grace Franca

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