Reasons to be Passionate about Pizza

best pizza in South Africa

Picture: Lupa

February is the month of love, and it’s no coincidence that a day commemorating our favourite food falls just a few days before Valentine’s Day. 9 February 2021 marks World Pizza Day! Make sure you book a table at your local Lupa Den to enjoy the best pizza in South Africa! Here are just a few reasons we’re so passionate about this Italian flatbread covered in sauce and cheese.

In pizza we crust

Pizza has been around for centuries! Any food that is still trending and popular after that amount of time is a food worth having! What makes Lupa pizza the best pizza in Durban? Lupa pizzas have thin crusts that are slightly crispy, and are wood fired at 450 degrees Celsius using Italian tomatoes and the finest mozzarella. View their pizza menu here.

Picture: Lupa

Fact: Pizza is not junk food  

Most commercial pizzas are made with unhealthy ingredients, including highly refined dough and heavily processed meat. Lupa pizzas are handcrafted using only the finest, wholesome ingredients. You also have the option of ordering a healthier, gluten free base. Real, authentic Italian pizza is not classified as junk food.

There’s something for everyone

With a wide variety of seasonal toppings, pizza is the crowd pleaser that has something to satisfy every foodie, friend, family member, or fussy eater:

For the vegans

Try the Yoga Bunny pizza – Napolitana sauce, vegan mozzarella, roasted butternut, Piquanté Peppers, vegan basil pesto, avocado, and rocket.

For the meat eaters

Try the Meat Lovers pizza topped with bacon, ham, and salami.

For those who eat meat but no pork

Try the Popolare pizza with With BBQ chicken, mushrooms, and feta.

For the health conscious

Try The Amy pizza with butternut, feta, caramelised onion, pumpkin seeds, and rocket.

Cook with Chris

If you like Mexican food AND Italian, you’ll love this recipe which uses a combination of both. Indulge in a classic Margherita topped with Cajun chicken nachos. Lupa co-owner and founder, Chris Black, shares his recipe for Pizza Nacho Libre here.

Bringing you the best pizza in Durban, and some of the best pizzas in South Africa, Lupa Osteria promises you an exceptional combination of food and wine, old school professional service, and elegant, modern-styled dining rooms.

What’s your favourite pizza? Let us know in the comments section below. Book a table for World Pizza day on the 9 February 2021 at Lupa here


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