Pizza or Pasta: What Do Your Food Choices Say About You?

what do your food choices say about you?

Photo by Nerise Gokpinar on Unsplash

Everybody loves a traditional Italian restaurant, because they just make such great comfort food that’s filling, flavourful, and affordable. If you love this kind of food, recent studies suggest that you are family-orientated, friendly, and down to earth. Have you ever wondered just what your favourite foods say about your personality? Are you a risk taker, an extrovert, or shy and reserved? Are you the life of the party, or someone who just wants to fit in? The following foods represent certain personality types. Which one is yours?

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If pizza is your happy place, you’re confident and outgoing. Pizza is the ultimate party food – quick, easy to eat, and affordable. It’s a very social food, and a meal that is easy to share, even if you don’t want to 😉.  Which is your favourite pizza on the Lupa menu? Your topping of choice says a lot about you! A plain and simple Margherita, for example, indicates that you’re a person who is grounded, reliable, and dependable – you enjoy life’s simple pleasures and are uncomplicated by nature. A pizza loaded with meat, such as Lupa’s Meat Lovers pizza, however, indicates that you are a person who tends to be brash and outspoken. If your favourite pizza is something vegetarian, such as the Yoga Bunny or The Amy, this choice indicates that you are sensitive and caring.

Photo: Lupa


If pasta brings you joy, you are extremely likeable. You may tend to be a tiny bit insecure at times, and deep down you’re a little shy, but your tendency to like “pleasing” others makes you extremely loveable, and friends enjoy having you around because you’re considerate and caring. Pasta is the ultimate comfort food, and your favourite type of pasta dish gives even more insight into your personality. Which pasta on the Lupa menu would you choose? If it’s a simple Alfredo, you are friendly, casual and charming. If the Lasagne Al Forno is more your thing, you’re down to earth and your idea of a good time is a glass of wine on the couch, binge watching countless episodes of your favourite series.

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If you prefer a burger and chips over pizza and pasta, this could mean that you’re loveable and unaffected. The type of burger you choose gives further insight into your personality. Which burger would you order on the Lupa menu? The Green Burger with a Beyond Meat Patty, or the classic Chargrilled burger? The vegan option suggests you are a health fanatic, sweet, and stand up for what you believe in. The classic burger option indicates that you are someone who doesn’t take nonsense. You are a straight shooter, and generally, a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” kind of person.

Pizza, pasta, or burger – which is your food of choice? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below. Book a table at Lupa – your local, traditional Italian restaurant. After reading this, you may think twice about the foods you order. Usually, if you’re battling to choose, we’d read into it and have you pinned as an indecisive person, but knowing how delicious everything is on their menu, we won’t blame you for having decision anxiety 😉


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