La Dolce Vita – A Taste of Spring


“Primavera Felice” – it’s springtime and we’re celebrating new beginnings. This glorious season brings with it warm, sunny days and sees Mother Nature[SA1]  showing off in a bold display of beautiful blossoms, brand new shoots, and a vibrant array of colour.

Spring’s first plants – fronds of fresh fennel, asparagus, fava beans, and zucchini – burst with flavour and add depth to dishes that set them apart from other seasonal cuisines. Spring produce sees the arrival of stone fruit – gorgeous and decedent cherries and plump and juicy peaches. Strawberries are also a welcomed springtime indulgence and zesty lemons, appearing in late spring, add a fresh and aromatic appeal to dishes – sweet or savoury.

Whether you find yourself in Italy or at home this spring, take advantage of these short-lived spring foods while you can. Our menus offer you a taste of springtime in Tuscany. Try our Gardienera Pasta – with grated, zesty zucchini, garlic, chili, cream, and crispy fried spinach balls. This creamy pasta pairs well with a buttery and smooth chardonnay. Try the Bouchard Finlayson Kaaimansgat (Hemel En Aarde) from our wine list. This white wine complements the velvety taste of the heavy cream in the dish and has a rich, citrus tone that balances the flavours of this springtime dish.

The warmer spring weather beckons us outdoors to take in breaths of fresh, fragrant, and floral air and to enjoy Mother Nature in all her glory. On the west coast of Italy and the islands of Sicily and Sardinia, this is the season that lends itself to long, lazy lunches – soaking up the Mediterranean sunshine while dining in the picturesque courtyard of a local Ristorante – much laughter and many passionate conversations had over numerous bottles of fine Italian wine and an antipasto platter. Similarly, you can enjoy an authentic Italian experience at Lupa. Our antipasto platter for two is a delicious selection of Cauliflower fritti, giardiniera vegetables, Sicilian aubergine, robiola cheese, white bean hummus, Parma Ham, spicy salami spinatta, bruschetta, olives, and sliced focaccia. Since springtime is the season of celebration, we recommend you pair this seasonal platter with a bottle of sparkling wine – the bubbles will clear your palate, and sparkling wines tend to pair excellently with cured meats and cheeses.

Finally, top off your meal with a pure Italian Gelato in a stunning and simple springtime flavour like Strawberry.

Thinking of entertaining outdoors this spring? Try Chris Black’s Springtime Minestrone Soup – the perfect addition for any picnic as this soup is lovely and light, packed with fresh, seasonal spring vegetables and served at room temperature. Pair it with a rustic loaf of Italian-style bread like ciabatta, and buon appetito!!

Springtime seems to encompass the Italian “La Dolce Vita” way of life, and we at Lupa, in true Italian style, are celebrating the sweet life and the authentic taste of Tuscany now more than ever before. Join us as we celebrate springtime, the long-awaited and exciting return to dining and the unique flavours of Italy. Trust us – it doesn’t taste like this at home.


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