Lupa Durbanville: Running an Italian Restaurant in Cape Town You Won’t Forget


Pictured from left: Jerry Dende, Theo Vena, Ashley Bugler & Gracious Choto

Italian restaurant in Cape Town

Whether you live in Durbanville or are staying in the area for some get away time, there’s no denying that there’s something rather magical about this upmarket neighbourhood, spotted with magnificent wine routes and exquisite places to eat – speaking of which, we know an Italian Restaurant in Cape Town that you might like 😉

We thought it’s high time we take you on a ‘tour’ of Lupa Durbanville – a tour in the form of a good old-fashioned interview with the amiable Ashley Bügler, our restaurant manager (pictured above – the man in the middle).

Our marketing team sat down with him for a quick chat, so that we could capture the feel of this restauranteur in words and pique the curiosity of those who haven’t visited yet. Here’s what Ashley had to say:

Lupa Marketing: What do you think customers love most about Lupa Durbanville? 

Ashley: Fresh ingredients, a welcoming atmosphere, and the lively vibe on a busy night.

Lupa Marketing: How would you describe the atmosphere? 

Ashley: I’d say it’s warm, friendly, and because we like to make people feel at home, there’s an “everyone’s welcome” type of vibe.

Lupa Marketing: What is your favourite meal, drink & favourite dessert on the menu? 

Ashley: It’s always so hard to choose because all of the food on the menu is downright divine, but I’d say my favourite meal is a good margherita with bacon & feta. For the drink it would be an Aperol Spritz and for dessert it’s the new mousse / panna cotta – hands down!

Lupa Marketing: How long has this restauranteur been running for and why was Durbanville chosen as a location? 

Ashley: We’ve had the blessing of being in business for 2.5 years. I’d say Durbanville was chosen for its easy access to high quality wines and for its unique, tranquil beauty.

Lupa Marketing: What is an average day at Durbanville like? 

Ashley:  It’s always busy and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen ensuring items are up to standard and chatting with guests or staff – there’s always a bit of admin to do as well!

Lupa Marketing: What makes Lupa Durbanville one of the top Italian restaurants in Cape Town? 

Ashley: I would say it’s our commitment to making sure that everything is made on site, with quality Italian ingredients (that are super fresh). Our welcoming staff also play a big role in keeping the service standards high.

Lupa Marketing: What do you love most about working at Lupa Durbanville? 

Ashley: The freedom to experiment with items on the menu, the stability, a good boss (Guy is not your average boss – we really have a great dynamic) and having a great team.

Lupa Marketing: Why should people be supporting restaurants during the pandemic? 

Ashley: We love looking after our locals (and any customer) with proper fresh Italian meals, we are even lowering prices to try encourage people to try us. If customers are looking for a restaurant where they feel at home and where the staff know them by name, then they should definitely consider Lupa Durbanville. We always love the company of our long-term customers, and love making them feel special.

Lupa Marketing: What has changed during the pandemic and how has this impacted you? 

Ashley: Staffing challenges and cuts have been hard. We’ve learnt to spend money more wisely and to appreciate that we all still have jobs when so many people have lost theirs (and it’s thanks to the support from our loyal customers that we’ve been able to keep them).

Lupa Marketing: What would you say to a new customer, deciding whether to pay Durbanville a visit?

Ashley: If you are wanting a dining experience that you won’t easily forget, then you’ll love Durbanville. There’s no place quite like it and it really showcases the best of authentic Italian dining.

Would you like to satisfy your curiosity and see what all the hype about Lupa Durbanville is about? Kindly make a booking in advance and pay us a visit at the Village Square Mall. We can’t wait to welcome you to your local Lupa den!


Ashley Bügler – General Manager

Theo Vena – Head Chef

Jerry Dende – Restaurant Manager

David Banda – Head Waiter (he oversees other waiters, floor plans, customers etc).

Lupa Durbanville
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