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Picture: Lupa  

Lupa owners and founders, Guy Cluver and Chris Black, made a special trip to Paarl to meet with their friends, Charles and Anthony, the award-winning wine and cheese makers from Fairview Farm who have been recognised internationally for their innovation and proactive approach to the wine industry. After a memorable and scenic tour of the vineyards, they sat down with the expert vintners who helped them hand select two premium wines that they knew their guests at Lupa would enjoy. Bottled especially for Lupa and their loyal customers, The Lupa Merlot and The Lupa Sauvignon Blanc are two well-structured wines that are delicious on their own or with our food.

Picture: Fairview 
Picture: Fairview 

The Lupa Merlot:  

The grapes are grown in Stellenbosch vineyards where the cool Atlantic breeze and Koffieklip soils create a plush and plumy Merlot, finely oaked for a spicy edge. It has aromas of fresh mulberries and chocolate and a medium bodied palate with firm tannins, fresh red fruit flavours, and a harmonious finish.  

Picture: Porcini Panzerotti, Lupa. 

Pair it Perfectly  

This wine pairs beautifully with Lupa’s cheesy, meaty pizzas such as The Meat Lovers, or The Massimo Calzone. It complements rich, red meat and tomato-based pasta dishes, especially dishes adorned with pancetta, bacon or mushrooms. A perfect pairing would be alongside the Lasagna Al Forno, Gnocchi Fantasia, or Porcini Panzerotti. Grilled chicken, especially with Mediterranean grilled vegetables, also enhance the flavours of this medium-bodied Merlot. Something from the Secondi section on our menu would make for a magnifico pairing, namely, the Pollo Arrosto, or the Mushroom and Parmesan Fillet. 

Have a look at our new menu or book a table to wine and dine at your local Lupa Den. 

The Lupa Sauvignon Blanc:  

The grapes are grown in Darling vineyards with a cool maritime climate and the red oakleaf soils contributing to the wine’s fresh minerality. It is intensely aromatic with granadilla and pineapple aromas on the nose. Fresh citrus flavours give way to lime undertones which contribute to the wine’s minerality and lingering crisp finish.  

Pair it Perfectly 

Classic pizza needs a classic wine, and sauvignon blanc is the perfect classic wine to pair with plain pizzas such as the Margherita or the Lindsay. Sauvignon Blanc’s are usually very crisp, served cool, and have a natural acidity and acute texture. This lends itself to pairing beautifully with seafoods and seafood pasta. Try it alongside the pretzel dusted grilled or fried Falkland Calamari, the wood-roasted Sole, or the Marinara pasta with prawns, calamari, mussels, tomato, chili, and fennel cream. 

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If you’re wining and dining at home this November, Lupa co-owner and founder, Chris Black, has a wonderful recipe for Piedmontese Style Stuffed and Roasted Peppers. Download the recipe here. With the sublime saltiness of the anchovies in this dish, we recommend pairing it with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc. 

It’s the most wonderful time of year and we’ve kicked off the festivities at Lupa with our magnifico Christmas menus. Choose from two delizioso options – both of which include a starter, main and dessert. Buone Natale!   

Christmas Menu 1

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