We pride ourselves in staying true to our roots and in keeping traditional Roman cuisine alive. Our recipes are made from scratch, in the true spirit of home-styled cooking.

You can expect wholesome, seasonal pizzas, pastas, seafood and secondi, seasoned with distinctly Italian flavours.

Certain pastas available in half portions at 70% of the price.

Our kitchen uses tree nuts, traces of which may be found in certain dishes.

We reserve the right to add a 10% service charge to tables of eight or more.



All pizzas are cooked in our wood-fired pizza oven to enhance taste & create a unique, smoky flavour.

Buffalo Mozzarella on any pizza (add 65)
Gluten-free pizza bases (add 30)


Our fettuccine & spaghetti are freshly made on site, every day, with love!

The pasta is extruded through a bronze die cutter to create a rougher surface texture which allows the pasta to grip more sauce. The result is a fuller and better flavour. Our homemade pasta is
what sets Lupa apart from other Italian trattorias. Try it and you will
taste the difference.

Choose: Homemade spaghetti (no egg), homemade fettuccine
(free-range egg) or imported Granoro Dedicato penne.

Gnocchi (add 15)
Gluten-free (add 15)


All wood-roasted dishes are cooked in our pizza oven enhancing taste & creating a unique smoky flavour.

Add 45 where not included in secondi

Parmesan fries
Zucchini fries
Wood-roasted vegetables
Side green salad
Wilted spinach with butter & Parmesan