Those who eat well, eat Italian

Italian food

Why is your local Lupa an obvious choice when choosing a great place to dine?

Well, for starters, there’s antipasti. Then, there’s all the reasons why you should be eating Italian food anyway. Here are some of these reasons:

1. Italian food is healthy! This is because the simple, flavourful ingredients we use are wholesome and natural. Also, olive oil. Olive oil is known across the world to have an array of health benefits. So, why not enjoy it with a caramelised onion & feta focaccia? We call this a balanced diet.

2. Tomatoes. The Italian love apple, and a delightful source of Vitamin C and K. Your local Lupa makes use of wholesome, authentic imported Italian tomatoes that ensure your pizza, pasta, or chargrilled sirloin transports you to a narrow street in a Tuscan Villa.

3. Emphasis on fresh, simple ingredients. While our food can be incredibly diverse, we know the key to proper Italian food. We go to great lengths to ensure we provide authentic Italian cuisine. From our pasta and sauces to our pizza bases, everything is made from scratch, daily, by our talented chefs.

4. Italian food gives you a reason to sit and stay a while. As mentioned, the Italian way is to stay and linger, slowly enjoying an evening out with an impressive antipasti. As luck would have it, your local Lupa serves up some incredible options to help you ease into things.

5. Flavour explosions. There is magic in the way ingredients combine when preparing Italian food. Your local Lupa promises you an exceptional combination of flavours, food, and occasionally (always) great wine… that is if, of course, you are inclined to pair it with such. Let’s be honest, good taste never goes out of style.

So, if you are in search of Italian food, your local Lupa comes highly recommended. It’s home to wholesome, seasonal pizzas, pastas, seafood, and steaks. It’s your Rome away from home.

Your Local Lupa has new Menu items!

To make eating well a little easier (if we hadn’t already convinced you!), our new menu has a few new items with some classical Italian food favourites:


– Tomato Basil Soup

– Parma Ham Wrapped Buffalo Mozzarella


– Wood Roasted Prawns


– Carne

– Roma


  • La Dolce Vita


– Disaronno Fizz

View the full new menu here:

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